We specialize in family dentistry and orthodontics.

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Welcome To Our Practice

All The Dental Services You Need Under One Roof

From the moment you walk through our doors, you’ll notice that we’re different from most dental offices.

For one thing, instead of asking you to take a seat in our waiting room, we invite you to relax in our living room.

Every aspect of your visit is carefully designed to provide comfort and confidence whether you’re here for a regular check-up or asleep for more complex treatment.

We specialize in family dentistry, intravenous sedation, helping people overcome their dental fears and orthodontics.

What we do

Dental Services

Dental Emergencies

If it hurts, it's an emergency. If you or someone you know is in need of emergency dental service, call our office immediately! 916-362-9247

Special Needs

American River Dental is an expert in providing care for special needs patients. We are proud to provide regular dental hygiene care for medically compromised, autistic and handicapped children and adults.

Sedation Dentistry

Occasionally a patient may become anxious and can't relax. There are forms of moderate sedation that allow a patient to relax and/or become sleepy.

Replace Missing Teeth

No matter how many missing teeth you have American River Dental has a solution. You don't need to be embarrassed by your missing teeth after our talented staff finds a solution suited to your needs and budget.

Straighten Your Teeth

We have seen quite a few patients over the years become more self-confident, more radiant and more willing to show off their smile in social situations after having straightened their teeth with braces.

Children's Dentistry

Teaching your child healthy habits from the start will help them maintain a bright healthy smile for the rest of their life. American River Dental enjoys taking care of children's teeth and we are here to make you and your child as comfortable as possible.

Our Dental Office

American River Dental in Rancho Cordova

Our location makes it easy for ANYONE in the Sacramento area to come see us for quality dentistry. Our high-tech dental office means our patients are more comfortable and spend less time in the office while having anything from a routine dental exam (checkup) and teeth whitening to a new set of porcelain veneers.

Paying for Your Dental Care

American River Dental takes pride on being able to provide each and every patient with dental services to achieve their individual needs and goals. We want our patients to understand that their oral health and personal well-being comes first. Because of this, our dental office offers CareCredit that makes it as easy as possible for you to afford the dental procedures not covered by your dental insurance. Most patients are amazed just how affordable a new smile can be!

Accepted Dental Insurance

For your convenience, American River Dental accepts most major dental insurances. Please call us at 916-362-9247 and let us know who your dental insurance provider is. We’ll do our best to work with you and your dental insurance provider to make sure you’re covered!

American River Dental
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They try to make me feel comfortable and less nervous
Dr. Soltani and Dr. Mann have taken good care of me and my spouse, involving the twilight sedation to perform fillings, broken teeth, crowns and a root canalOver this past year. I’m a reluctant patient and their kindness and reassurance has kept us coming back. The staff extends this kindness and professionalism throughout the various procedures. I’ve been an American River patient since 2006. They are young but highly skilled and caring. Thank you.
Excellent service!!!
Response from the owner: Rick, Thank you for your 5 star review.
Dr Holm. Greatest chair side and best dentist you will ever find. Over 20 years with them. Please don't retire.
Great experience with a great hygienist. Very thorough and comfortable. Love America River Dental. Thanks
I want to give a big shout out to a caring Dental business.American River Dental was my savoir. They took on a Dental case that was very rare. My Dental case worker Toni was just a very hard worker. It took quite a while for her and her top brass and American River Dental to put this extraction together. Thank you very much Mike, Dr Z, and Dr Soltani for making my life alitte easier.I recommend anyone looking for a class act operation for Dental work to look at this place first for all kinds of Dental help.Joe N
This was the first time in years that I have been to this office. This appointment was for my disabled adult son. Everything was handicapped accessible and the entire office of professionals were very kind. The doctor was compassionate and listened to my son, whom has had bad experiences with dental work. I feel this was a good visit and the start of a great relationship.Thank you for such a nice experience
Friendly and efficient!!
The dental team is wonderful. The admin staff is great. It seems everyone is happy working here and it shows through their care and patience with their patients.
Very friendly clean & professional.
Staff was friendly & efficient! Thank you Britiny!
Always a good experience at American River Dental…highly qualified staff & state of the art technology work hand in hand to deliver precise resultsand quality care!
Everyone is professional and friendly ,they are also kind with people whit disabilities. Thank you all
We have been going to American River Dental for more than 25 years.Unfortunately after Dr. Reach retired, there have been some changes in their personnel and their schedules and it’s no longer working for us so, we are moving to a dental office mear our home.We will miss Sherry, our Dental Hygienist.She have been doing a wonderful job taking care of our entire family for all those years.Thank you Sherry, we hope to stay in touch with you.
Nice people and amazing service
I recently came in for a dental cleaning and my experience went wonderfully. From a quick check-in to a friendly hygienist made me feel welcomed. I'm an...
Very happy with American River Dental. Staff is always friendly. Our Hygienist is very kind, helpful, and thorough.
Dr. Soltani is a true gentlemen with a calm smiling demeanor that will put your dental anxiety at ease. As someone who has long grappled with dental anxiety, even the thought of a routine dental appointment would send shivers down my spine. However, my recent dental sedation experience at American River Dental not only alleviated my fears but also transformed my perception of dental care entirely.From the moment I stepped into the office, I was greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere that immediately put me at ease. The reception area was adorned with soothing decor, soft lighting, and comfortable seating, and a wonderful saltwater fish tank. The receptionist Nicole welcomed me with a genuine smile, offering reassurance and understanding as she guided me through the initial paperwork.Before my appointment, I had a consultation with Dr. Soltani, who took the time to listen attentively to my concerns and explain the sedation options available to me. Together, we discussed my medical history, anxiety triggers, and different treatment plan options. Dr. Soltani's compassionate approach and thorough explanation instilled a sense of confidence in me, knowing that I was in capable hands. He reassured me that I would remain comfortable and relaxed throughout the procedure, monitoring my vitals every step of the way.Fast forward to my treatment day. Before I knew it, the procedure was complete, and I was gently roused from sedation by the caring dental team. As I gradually regained full consciousness, I felt a profound sense of relief and gratitude wash over me, realizing that I had just undergone a dental experience unlike any other. Not only had the sedation dentistry effectively managed my anxiety, but it had also provided me with a level of comfort and relaxation that I never thought possible in a dental setting.Reflecting on my experience, I couldn't help but feel immense appreciation for American River dental that had made such a profound difference in my life. Their dedication to patient comfort, expertise in sedation dentistry, and compassionate care had truly transformed my perception of dental visits. Thanks to their exceptional service, I left the office with a newfound sense of confidence and a brighter outlook on my dental health journey.
Had a good experience getting my teeth cleaned and not a fan of this procedure. Brian was my Technician and he explained some details that would help for future appointments.
Nice folks. Karen, dental hygienist, is thorough and kind. I’ve seen her for years. Front office and assistants are patient and helpful. Dr. Sultani is new to me, thus far seems confident and good.
The people at ARD were personable and efficient. I would recommend ARD to anyone looking for a great experience with truly knowledgeable dentists and staff.
Karen is the best! Hands down! Couldn’t ask for a better person. Dr. Acheson is truly missed. ARD offers great service.
Dr. Soltani and his staff inspire confidence in me that they have and will continue to provide excellent dental care and affordability.
Was very nervous/scared to go to the dentist. But the staff was kind, and understanding. They listened when I needed to say something and took time to ask if I was ok several times throughout my appointment. I appreciate their gentle approach very much. Even though I'm not looking forward to more dental work, I am looking forward to seeing the staff again. That's a step in the right direction for me. Thank you ARD
visit on 3/5/24 I had Dr Min and Brittany Asher assistant. everyone was very nice. Front office was nice. Brittany was nice and I believe the doctor has...
Everyone is doing great and smooth job!!! Excellent!! Friendly and good attitude!!!
Brian was very attentive, informative, and pleasant!
It was my first time at this dental office, and it was wonderful. The doctors and the staff were excellent, very professional, friendly, and patient. The doctor put me immediately at ease explain what I needed, and we’re all set to start a couple procedures highly recommend this dental office.
Great staff, great service.
Cheri is the best dental hygienist I have ever had. Great bedside manners, friendly, thorough and observant. The office staff are a pleasure to work with every time I go in or call. Super star office!!!
Cherie is so personable and caring! She is the best.
Everyone is great and makes you feel comfortable. Dr. Soltani is wonderful with my son. Thank you so much.Every time we see Dr Soltani we love him even more. My son has autism and feels very comfortable with him. He's a great dentist. Thank you for everything.😊
Dr. Soltani is a miracle worker! He carefully studies imaging to create a plan and the sedation dentistry was incredible and easy. His office staff and assistants are top notch and make you feel comfortable and welcome from the first step in the door. I highly recommend Dr. Soltani & his practice. Thank you!
If you have any apprehension about dental visits, Dr. Soltani is the answer. His sedation dentistry is incredibly helpful, even for complex procedures. The...
As usual, my hygienist, Sheri, was gentle yet thorough!
Bryan is the best, gets my teeth sparkling clean and is an excellent conversationalist, who0 could ask for anything more.
I would like to publically thank Joanne, Terry, Dr. Mann, Vanessa, and Sherry for the wonderful customer service, attention to detail, and great work.I am...
I had to have 2 implants done after so much bad work from previous dentist. My insurance referred me to Dr. Sultani. I'm was an expert at finding terrible...
We had an amazing experience at American River Dental, from the front desk to the finance mgr. to the hygienist , dentist and oral surgeon. My daughter has...
I recommend this place, 100%! My 13 year old daughter has a phobia of needles and needed cavities filled. I called several places but was unable to get her...
Cheri and the entire team and staff are simply the best! I trust American River Dental for all of my dental needs and have continued to remain with them for...
my daughter who is a very nervous patient needed some cavities and a deep cleaning for a few teeth. so she could get the work done she needed to use...
I did not receive any pre-surgery instructions so I had to call. After my surgery, again I was not given any instructions verbally, by email or text. While...
Always treated so well at the office. I appreciate the care and excellent care I receive.
I highly recommend American River Dental as I've been a customer for 35 years and never had one issue.
American River dental is an amazing dentist office with great staff. I have such anxiety going to the dentist. I was referred to this place years ago...
I have never had anything but a good experience at American River Dental. All staff and doctors are wonderful!
I've been coming here for over 15 years. Friendly staff. Great hours for appointments. Every teeth cleaning you get a tooth brush and floss. They also...
Sherry is the best hygienist in the world. She always gives great information on taking care of my teeth and she keeps an eye out for problem areas.
Docter Holms has been my dentist for the past 25 to 30 years. He does excellent work, like me, it must be perfect. Recently I had an issue which needed...
Staff is amazing and they are very tentative and compassionate to your needs. I highly recommend this place.
ARD provided all my dental needs for over 35 years. They have been nothing but professionnel with all services.
Since the new Dentist has taken over, and the subsequent receptionist changed, things have declined greatly. The callbacks, if they even happen, take all...
The level of customer service was outstanding! First off Nicole was on point in her active listening and understanding of what I was trying to accomplish....
After 26 years of being with American River Dental, I am thankful to say they always take care of me. I had an urgent tooth issue and they work with me to...
Dr. Holm and his staff patiently worked with my daughter to overcome her anxiety and fear of the dentist. She had horrible past experiences at another...
Sheri is the best dental hygienist! She is so nice and friendly and does a great job on my teeth.
I got my teeth cleaned by Cheri which is always a pleasure. I have been a patient for 30 years and have never had a bad experience.
Amazing! They treated our son with disabilities with efficient, kind treatment from checking in thru checking out. Dr Soltani got the necessary -difficult...
We are so happy to find someone who cares about those with special needs! Everyone is so friendly and helpful. My sons visit was very successful and he...
Sally is a great hygienist with a warm and friendly personality!!
Great practice. Many years ago my wife managed a dental practice. There was always a good vibe there. I got the same impression from this practice after...
The service was friendly and helpful. Dental hygienist was friendly and efficient. I recommend this facility to all as your family dental services providers.
I have been going to American River Dental for over 30 years. Everyone is always kind. That is not the norm for a place to hire great people for three...
I've had so much struggle with getting numb and such poor dental experiences. I came came to American River Dental after my dentist referred me for sedation...
I was not happy with my previous dentist and made the change to American River Dental. I had been dealing with pain for several years and had dentists dismiss my complaints as sensitivity and sent on my way. My first visit with American River dental and they found the real reason for my pain and started a treatment plan immediately. They are all so nice and really took the time to care for me. I am very pleased with the outcome of my treatment plan and will continue to be a patient with them.
Their front desk personnel are top notch. The assistants are very professional and just the overall vibe is good. I recommend wholeheartedly.
If any one is afraid of the dentist because you had a bad incident, this is place to go. They are welcoming, gentle, caring and always explain what is going on.
The staff here are extremely capable and sincerely compassionate. My adult son has disabilities that make him difficult to treat but Dr Sultani and his staff treat him with care and respect. I appreciate them so very much.
I have been going here for 3 years & I love it. Great service, friendly & educated staff and I always walk away feeling well cared for. Plus I like the text...
The staff are so very helpful and pleasant and Dr. Holmes is wonderful, he is very helpful and informative. So grateful to find a great dentist.
I've been going to American River Dental since 2006. I love Karen (Dental Hygienist). The dentist are all so nice and all have good bedside manner. I highly...
I didn't have to wait long for hygienist to take me back. She was aware of my anxiety and was very accommodating.
The staff are great very helpful and courteous We spoke to Dr. Soltani and he was very nice pleasant to us. He explained what needs to be done and very...
Sad to see my dentist retired after almost 40 years at the practice. I have been going to him for close to 20. I had a nice experience meeting the dentist...
Everyone that works there is excellent. My dentist and hygienist are awesome
I was a patient of Dr. Riach for over two decades. I felt like a lost a good friend when he retired.Dr. Soltani removed a old crown today and did a great...
The wonderful dentist I had for years at American River Dental recently retired & I had my first visit with his replacement, Dr Soltani today. I’m so impressed with his work, knowledge, & patient centered approach. He noticed a few little things & fixed them, & recommended a few changes to my daily dental care routine. I will definitely stay with Dr Soltani as long as he’s in practice. He gets a 12 on a scale of 10!
Over the weekend I got in a bad accident where I ended up chipping more than half of my front tooth. I was absolutely horrified & devastated. First thing...
Our son was diagnosed with autism when he was 2 and dental work has always been tough. When we found out our son needed his wisdom teeth pulled we were very nervous. Dr. Acheson has Kaiser privileges and we were able to have him fully sedated. Dr. Acheson was very professional as was the office staff. Our son had no complications.
From the minute you walk in the front door the greeting is warm and you are made comfortable and any questions are answered. When called the greeting is warm and courteous. You are made as comfortable as possible , and the reception from the doctor is professional, cordial and a complete description of what he will be doing and you are asked if there are any concerns or questions, that are answered. Prior to dental work all care is taken to ensure your procedure will be as comfortable and painless as possible. A true blessing for some of us.
For 20 plus years the work done has been of the highest standard by an incredibly competent staff and doctors! Finding this dental haven has kept me grateful from day one! Bob Drotos
Dr Holm and his staff, particularly Terry, and Cherie the Hygenist, are the best! I travel 1/2 hr each way to get to their practice. There are tons of dentists near me but I choose this practice for the way they treat their patients, level of comfort I feel, the superior results, ease of getting appointments—,the whole package! I highly recommend Dr Holm and his staff!
I’m just so incredibly impressed with Dr. Soltani and his dental assistants. I’m a self-confessed wimp when it comes to dentists, but my fear was quickly replaced with calmness and confidence in them. They’re just wonderful!!!
Dr Soltani and the staff at American River Dental are so very professional and welcoming to all their patients. No work they do is finished without total customer satisfaction. I’m a long time customer and highly recommend them.
Awesome place staff r great dr guy A is wonderful. Shelly is the best. Thank u all
I cannot say enough nice things about this place. They did a great job!!!!!!
Very professional and gave me excellent information I needed for a second opinion.
I have been going to American River Dental for the past 18 years.
I am so impressed with their professional, courteous and friendly staff, they treat you like family. Thank you for the great care you take with my dental needs. I have had no major dental problems since they have been my provider. They keep me on track with my cleanings and X-rays so nothing slips by and turns into a problem.
It is always a pleasant experience- the staff is courteous and friendly, efficient as well as maintaining a clean environment .
Love, love ARD, it’s always a pleasure to go in, whether it’s for a cleaning/check up or whatever dental work we need. The best dental office that my husband and I have ever worked with.
As the mother of an autistic son, I want to highly recommend Dr Holm and his staff(especially Terry!) for their professionalism and compassion. They have made the experience so much better than I had ever dreamed it could be.
I've been going here for almost 30 years! My service has always been pleasant and never any issues when I had concerns. Dr. Holm is the best!
Very gentle and relaxing atmosphere. Very professional dentist with obviously years of experience!
American River Dental and Dr. Holm are awesome. I originally chose them due to their location close to my work. I found Dr. Holm to be a great dentist and stayed with them. But because they are not a preferred provider for my insurance, at one point I decided to find another dentist that is a preferred provider. I had 2 caps done by that dentist and regret it to this day! I decided the extra money was WELL worth it and went back to American River. Dr. Holm is extremely kind and patient and listens to you and is as particular as I am about making sure my caps are a perfect match to my teeth. I've been going here for about 17 years and love them! I even had an ex go to him because he had so much anxiety about going to dentists. Dr. Holm got him over that anxiety! I love these guys and won't leave them again.
I love, love, love my mouth guard. Thank you so much for taking good care of my mouth Dr. Acheson.😊
After years of neglecting my teeth, I was forced to find a dentist due to a toothache. I was fortunate to find ARD, and Dr. Riach. He helped me through the anxiety, fixed my tooth, and I'm on the road to healthier teeth and gums. The staff at ARD are friendly, caring, and amazing. Thank you Dr. Riach, and ARD.
American River Dental
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They try to make me feel comfortable and less nervous
They try to make me feel comfortable and less nervous

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We have a trusted and experienced dental team here at American River Dental.
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