Dental Services

How We Can Help

At American River Dental we use the latest techniques and remain deeply committed to developing new and better ways to protect your teeth and gums.
how we can help

Our focus is providing you with the best dental visit experience possible.

What We Do
In addition to providing you with the dental care you deserve American River Dental is an expert in providing care for special needs patients. We are proud to provide regular dental hygiene care for medically compromised, autistic and handicapped children and adults.

Our Dental Services

Orthodontics, Bonding, Veneers, Teeth Whitening
Dental Implants, Bridges, Dentures
Crowns, Root Canals, Invisalign, Gum Disease Treatment, Veneers
Oral Exams, Home Care, Sealants
Braces, Invisalign, Bite Alignment, Appliances
Prevention, Development, Common Problems
Extractions, Wisdom Teeth, Bone Grafting, Wisdom Teeth, Impacted Teeth

Meet Our Doctors

We have a trusted and experienced dental team here at American River Dental.
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