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Brushing with Orthodontics

Caring for your teeth while undergoing orthodontic treatment is just as important as the treatment itself. Don’t let your orthodontic appliances get in the way of a clean and healthy mouth!

Be sure to brush your teeth right after every meal and before you go to bed. It’s best to use a fluoride toothpaste to help fight cavities. Your orthodontist may prescribe a fluoride mouth rinse to help prevent cavities. Try to brush like this:

– Start by brushing the outside of each tooth at least 10 times.
– Then brush where your gums and teeth meet, using a circular motion.
– Brush the inside surface of each tooth at least 10 times too.
– Brush the chewing surfaces of your teeth last.

Fluoride Varnish

Fluoride varnish delivers the highest fluoride concentration possible to your teeth. After applying fluoride varnish you should feel a thin coating on your teeth with your tongue and you should be able to see a the varnish on the surface of your teeth.

To obtain the maximum benefit of the fluoride varnish we ask that you follow the recommendations below after you leave our office.

— Do not brush or floss your teeth for at least 6 hours after treatment.
— Eat a soft foods during the 4-6 hours after treatment.
— Do not consume hot drinks or products containing alcohol during the next 4-6 hours.
— If possible, wait until the next day to resume normal oral hygiene.

A thorough brushing and flossing will easily remove any remaining fluoride varnish after 4-6 hours of remaining on your teeth. You will see the same shine and brightness as before the treatment.

Eating Tips with Orthodontics

While you are wearing braces, you can eat almost all of your favorite foods. Please stay away from these troublemakers:

– Sticky foods like gum, taffy and caramels
– Hard foods like apples and carrots (cut them into pieces)
– Crunchy foods like corn chips, popcorn and nuts
– Sweet foods like cake, cookies and candy

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